Suggestions of for a Weight Loss Meal Plan

Suggestions of for a Weight Loss Meal Plan

One of the most important things about losing weight is that of planning, preparing, and eating from the weight loss meal plans that make you feel better and become thinner. It is all a process but we have come up with some suggestions to include in your weight loss meal plan that will help you lose weight without making choices, until you get a feel for it.

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Breakfast Choices:

Suggestions Weight Loss Meal. ½ cup oats with artificial sweetener, 1 serving of fruit of choice,1 piece of whole grain toast with slab real butter and tsp. of sugar free jam, 12oz skim milk, juice, tea, or water.
1 cup whole grain cereal with ½ cup skim milk, whole grain English muffin, and 8oz of apple juice.
2 egg whites, whole grain toast, and 12 oz. beverage, water.
1 cup low fat yogurt, and 2 servings of fruit.
Egg white omelet with veggies, piece of fruit, and beverage of choice.
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Suggestions Weight Loss Meal. Lunch choices:

Whole grain pita stuffed with salad, 12 oz beverage, water.
Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, with side salad, and fruit.
Best baked chicken with baked potato with side salad.
Grilled chicken wrap, with salad, and fresh vegetables.
Veggie Sub on whole wheat Kaiser roll, rice cakes, and beverage.

Dinner Choices:

Grilled Salmon with lemon sauce, side salad, brown rice, and beverage. Suggestions Weight Loss Meal.
Grilled Chicken, fresh green beans, baked potato, and beverage.
Chicken and Pasta with veggies, and whole grain roll, beverage.
Pesto pasta, tuna steak, carrots, and beverage.
Turkey wrap, pinto beans, and beverage.
Stuffed peppers with lean turkey, and whole grain bread.
Veggie Burger on whole grain, cottage cheese, and beverage.

  • Suggestions of for a Weight Loss Meal Plan

Celery sticks and peanut butter
Handful or ½ cup of nuts or seeds.
Corn tortilla chips and fresh homemade salsa
½ cup cottage cheese
Fresh raw fruits and veggies
Rice cakes
Granola Bars
Raisins or figs
Sugar free Jello
Sunflower seeds

These are just a few suggestions to include for your weight loss meal plans

however remember you are allowed 3 full meals as suggested with most diets along with 2 healthy snack servings for day. This way you are eating 5 times a day which keeps your energy high and your body burning off fat and using it to process and digest it. For best results also remember to drink water in between all meals and snacks to stay full and ward off hunger. Suggestions Weight Loss Meal.

For cravings of sugar try artificial sweetener sprinkled on some fruit, for cravings of salt grab a handful of nuts, for cravings of crunch grab fresh veggies. You can also substitute any of these weight loss meal plan foods with a dish that you like that is similar.

In addition, you should allow yourself 2 splurges a week on something you really want! However, keep it limited to a normal serving size.


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