How do French people stay so slim?

stay slim
French diet

stay slim You won’t get any younger, but you can get slimmer, juicier and more vibrant!

Sharing research on the connection between the French diet and a stay slim, healthy body is a big part of my work… and my passion.

The most painful and stressful habit that most American women suffer from is obsession with food. They think about food every day, agonize over “bad” foods and the fact that they shouldn’t eat them, worry about what to make for dinner, covet their partner’s dishes, and perform complex calculations to get their food counting calories.

This is complete madness, slavery and a life condemned to misery.

mention that French stay slim

Not to mention that as a weight loss plan it usually backfires and many divorces were probably the result of the beautiful woman turning into a total witch due to chronic hunger and obsession with food.

Are French women nicer, you ask? No, there isn’t one. They are demanding, sarcastic and stubborn. But they spend their energy and time looking good, cooking delicious, delicious food, and taking their kids on 20-mile bike rides.As an added bonus, they enjoy glowing skin and their libido doesn’t decline with age, nor does their waist size.

lifestyle can really stay slim

Apparently, incorporating a little French into your lifestyle can really pay off, helping you achieve the lean physique you crave and regaining the energy and fighting spirit of your twenties. stay slim.

When we work with long-term clients we delve deeply into what this means to their daily lives and they may implement it over several months, but for speed and simplicity I’ve put together 7 simple tips for you to try.

This could change your relationship with food (and your partner!) for the better…

1. Eat only at mealtimes and only at the table.

stay slim, women DO NOT eat sandwiches. They don’t eat in cars either. They don’t eat standing up while watching TV, surfing the Internet, checking email, or using their phone. Sit down and eat right. Constant snacking is the key to a healthy, slim body, despite all the conflicting information about eating multiple small meals.

As a recovering snack addict, I am a firm believer in the French model of three full meals plus a drop between lunch and dinner. My clients and I have noticed a significant improvement in blood sugar levels when we stop eating all the time. And unless you’re fully focused on nutrition, these are the necessary body chemistry and satiety signals needed for proper digestion and avoidance of overeating.

stay slim

2. Eat real food and don’t drink your calories .

stay slim, Real food is what your great-grandmother would recognize as food. French women don’t sweeten their things with artificial sweeteners. They use real fats.They eat vegetables. They consume full-fat dairy products. Real food means shopping more often and finding local food suppliers like farmers markets, growers, butchers and fishmongers. It can (yikes!) mean spending more money on groceries.

Why do we avoid spending more money on quality food but don’t mind spending five dollars on a good coffee? French families eat out much less than American families. Maybe we should reallocate some of the food and Starbucks budget to real food?

3. Let’s cook!Once you clear your body and taste buds of junk and highly processed foods, you can begin to really taste and appreciate fresh ingredients, which in turn sparks your interest in cooking. In French households there are usually two working parents, but they manage to prepare home-cooked meals every evening.


Success in the kitchen in a busy life depends on the right plan and strategies. The French don’t eat out as much as Americans and prefer high-quality ingredients.

4. Eat consciously and slowly.

French diet, This is probably the hardest thing for me. When I visit my family and friends in France, I am always the first to finish my meal. However, this is the tip that will give you the most results IF you commit to working on it. Eating slowly and mindfully leads to better digestion, absorption, regularity and less weight gain. This is probably the greatest gift you can give your body and yourself.You deserve it… after all, eating is not a sin, but a pleasure!

5. Eat lighter in the evening.

stay slim, France, lunchtime is the most important and generous time, while dinner is usually light (soups, salads, omelettes or a simple pasta dish). This allows for much better sleep and allows the body to focus on repair and regeneration rather than digestion.

And when it comes to losing weight, you should know that sumo wrestlers gain weight by consuming the majority of their calories before bed. Your body is a chemistry laboratory and digestive power is strongest around midday and weakest at night. A late-night snack will negate any weight-loss efforts, and an overly full stomach is simply not conducive to romance.


Now you can easily fit a little French into your busy lifestyle without having to travel to Paris… Ooh la la!

Author Biography:

Anne Gulick is a nutrition and lifestyle coach at When French Meets Raw.

Combining nutritional cleanses, transformational coaching, the French lifestyle, and step-by-step protocols tailored to your personal goals, Anne’s Magic will open your eyes to your own unlimited potential.

Born and raised in France, she now coaches clients around the world to create and achieve a healthy, sexy and incredibly delicious life in a flexible, fun and free-willed way.

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