Safe Weight Loss Guide

Safe Weight Loss Guide

Lose Weight While You EatYou might wonder, Weight Loss Guide why fat people don’t eating and drinking, and you eat all day timid, waist is obviously known for it? The answer lies in metabolism.

Safe Weight Loss Guide
Safe Weight Loss Guide

Metabolism as the body inside a small machine, all the time to burn calories. Due to genetic factors, some women burn fat more quickly. However, age, weight, diet, exercise habits also have a role. As age increases, women’s metabolic rate will gradually decline. Intervals starting from 20-year-old 10 years would reduce the 56 pounds muscle. In other words, the age of 35 a day less than 25 years of age consume 100 kilocalories. It sounds though people feel worried, but we still have some simple ways to tap the potential of the body burn the fat.

Weight Loss Guide The following tell you how to burn the body fat. As long as such Act, I believe that slimming, Body, weight loss becomes easy.

Do not cut calories Meng

Using very low calorie diet is not an effective weight loss. Because the human body has a program that automatically maintain a normal body weight, so if you suddenly lose from diet 1000 kcal of heat, your body’s basic metabolic rate (the body to maintain basic physiological functions such as breathing and heartbeat of the required calories value) will automatically slow down, because the body is now that you are hungry.

Then, the number of calories the body consumes each day should do? This activity should be based on your size to determine. Your existing body weight (pounds) multiplied by 11 results, is your daily calories should be needed.


Must eat breakfast

Breakfast is three meals a day with the closest relationship between metabolism and weight loss meal. A number of studies have shown that those who eat breakfast are more likely than not eat breakfast to lose weight. As in sleep, metabolic rate is very low, only to rise again to restore the meal. Therefore, if ignored for breakfast, lunch before the body can not burn fat as usual. That is why breakfast intake of 300-400 kcal diet with a sensible move in the reason why breakfast is the metabolism of the starter.

Researchers at the University of Australia will be high-fat breakfast and high-fiber carbohydrates compare the effect of breakfast and found that those who eat high-fat meal people hungry after dinner time faster. Body of high-fiber carbohydrate digestion and absorption of dietary fat foods than the length of time, so it does not cause large fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which are hungry to time will be longer. Therefore, breakfast should contain a large number of high-fiber carbohydrates.


For example, your weight is 120 pounds, the normal daily consumption of calories is about 1320 kcal. Unless you have less than five feet tall (1.52 meters), do not make your daily calorie consumption of less than 1200 kcal.

Studies have shown that consumption of calories any lower than this value of women, their basic metabolic rate will decrease as much as 45%.


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