Motivation Speeds Weight Loss

Motivation Speeds Weight Loss

Motivation Speeds Weight Loss Results

Motivation Speeds Weight Loss Results, Keeps Weight Off
Since many tracking programs break down fat, carb and protein ratios, you’ll find that highly refined carbs are blocking your road to success, as they cause wild blood sugar surges which tip your metabolism toward fat storage. Be honest with yourself by measuring and weighing foods, and enter them to your log either before or immediately after eating.

Motivation Speeds. Step 3: Set a Food Clock

motivation speeds weight loss results keeps weight off Motivation Speeds Weight Loss Results, Keeps Weight Off Working on the knowledge that it takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you begin eating until your brain registers the full signal, set a 20 minute food clock as you begin each meal. The idea is to eat slowly, chewing each bite so you can savor and enjoy the flavors of your food. If you hit the 20 minute mark and haven’t finished, then it’s time to stop.

While proper diet and sufficient exercise are an essential part of a successful weight loss plan, it’s also important to incorporate the resources of mind and motivation.

Motivation Speeds Weight Loss

Steer Clear of Comparisons

Motivation of supermodels seems like a good motivation  to lose weight, but research shows it’s more likely to hinder your progress. Scientists from the Netherlands divided women who wanted to lose weight into two groups: the first group received a food diary with photos of thin models on the cover and inside pages, the second group received a diary with a neutral logo image on the cover. Forehead. Motivation Speeds. While the neutral group lost weight, those who received the magazines containing
pictures of supermodels gained weight.

Instead of comparing yourself to unrealistic role models, get inspired by posting pictures of yourself at your healthiest for a big dose of weight loss inspiration.

Solicit the help of someone who can motivate you

providing encouragement when you stray off track, and use a menu diary and food clock. Get your mind in the game and you’ll find the added support you need to hit your ultimate weight loss goal, and keep it off for life.

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