Best Weight Loss Technique For Women

Best Weight Loss Technique

Do you know that many overweight women subconsciously employ fat as a way of making themselves unattractive?

Best Weight Loss Technique. Do you know this is supposed to fend off men who are perceived as a threat to their physical and emotional safety and security?

Do you know this pattern stems from early childhood abuse stored as negative memories in the subconscious mind that can and must be permanently erased in order to fully address the weight problem itself? How does one do that you ask?

It may sound strange to some that fat can be employed as a defense mechanism but if you think about it making one’s self unattractive can effectively reduce the attention from the opposite sex. Best Weight Loss Technique. Unfortunately the health related costs of such an approach are dire and are in themselves severely threatening.

At a deeper level it turns out that what is really being defended against is the re-emergence of old painful feelings stored in subconscious memories of past abuse. Feelings of hurt, shame, humiliation, abuse, neglect, rape, exploitation, rejection and so on are encapsulated within their corresponding memories and pose a constant internal emotional threat to the person’s stability and ability to function.

When food is used as a way to numb one’s self to this pain it must be constantly supplied to stem the hurt; hence much like a drug the individual becomes addicted to it. The addiction overpowers the individual’s freewill ability to stop the “self destruction” and leaves them vulnerable to an internal form of ongoing “self” abuse.

Most weight loss programs

which only serve to make their clients dependent on them, have utterly failed to address this underlying driving force and hence have repeatedly failed many women who truly want to reclaim control over their minds, bodies and lives. Best Weight Loss Technique

Sadly too many have convinced themselves that weight loss can be achieved simply through a combination of diet, exercise, medication and/or surgery. The truth is that it can’t!

The only real way to stem or eradicate this negative internal threat is to erase/delete the negative memories of the old abuse entirely.

A coaching process developed in 2002 has revealed that this can be done simply and completely with a question and answer algorithm that is accessible to anyone who can read and write.

Best Weight Loss Technique

As such memories are erased the internal threat they pose

dissolves completely leaving the individual feeling secure, at peace, safe, strong, confident, in charge of themselves, able to make self respecting choices and able to discern with clarity a real external threat if and when it presents itself.

This allows the individual to trust their own judgment when it comes to relationships and to take steps to engage in healthy life affirming relationships. Best Weight Loss Technique. This also helps them break the pattern of abusive relations that many of these individuals often feel desperately drawn into.

To learn more about this process kindly visit the web site below where you can begin by requesting a free initial coaching consultation that will help you address your weight problem once and for all.

Author’s Bio:

Nick Arrizza, a former Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor, is an International Expert Self Empowerment Life Coach, Relationship and Spiritual Tele-Coach, Author and the developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process® (MRP).


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