Why Your Body Needs Omega-3′s to Survive


Body Needs Omega-3′s to Survive

It’s no wonder, in this new millennium, that there is freedom for disease. In particular – heart related diseases. Omega-3. Over the last thirty years, we’ve seen the massive expansion of fast food restaurants and especially, drive thru restaurants where you don’t even have to bother getting out of the car to fill your tummy with junk food.

We’ve also seen far easier access to alcoholic beverages, now at rock bottom prices that virtually anyone can afford. The term ‘couch potato’ has become a household name, and I mean – most households topical phrase.

At least one or more people in any household either ignores the warnings about high fat foods and alcohol (and cigarettes) or lives as a hermit and legitimately does not comprehend the dangers of living this way.

Omega-3. You know who I’m talking about

that guy who won’t get off the sofa, because it’s too much effort. Laziness is one of the worlds biggest killers.

Needs Omega-3. All these roads lead to serious disease, and an eventual early death. But all it takes is a little education and anyone can turn their life around. Because when someone knows that they are in grave danger (excuse the pun), and are given even the slightest piece of valuable information that touches their mind – it is only natural that they will move forward and seek out the rest of the information they need to make changes.

The problem today, or at least one of the biggest problems with the way far too many people live, is that they don’t know they are eating too much trans-fats, and that they should be consuming good fats. Cholesterol is at an all time high, so is cardiovascular and circulatory disease.

Western civilization has consumed so much ‘bad’ food

we now have a growing epidemic on our hands. Needs Omega-3. Thankfully, there is a small group of people that are doing their very best to educate people on healthy living. Problem is that the group is so small, the amount of people who are still becoming obese is growing more than the people who are comprehending good lifestyle habits. It will take a few more years, or even decades for this to change, however. Sad really.

This brings me to omega-3, because it is an essential fatty acid that is seriously forgotten about in a traditional 21st century diet. ‘Essential’ means the body needs it to function, but does not produce it. This is one of the most important nutrients to the body as well, so you could even say this is a huge ‘design flaw’, if we need it that much. But, there is no one to blame, all we can do is learn all about it and teach what we know to future generations.

What do omega-3 essential fatty acids do in your body?

Omega-3 (which is the most important EFA) is required by the blood to send oxygen, on a cellular level, from the lungs to red blood cells. Without the presence of omega-3′s the blood lacks oxygen, which means every organ in the body is not getting enough oxygen.

This also means that the blood becomes overly ‘thick’ and even sticky, which means that the heart has to do more work – it’s easier to push thin blood through your veins and arteries, than thick blood. So the blood is now lacking in oxygen, nutrients and is suffering something called hyper-coagulation, which is depositing bad components around the heart. This is why people sometimes need ‘by-pass’ surgery.

Omega-3 fatty acids don’t just enable the transportation of oxygen. They have other important functions – to help reduce the stress your body engages in every day. Just getting up and walking down stairs in the morning is enough strain on the joints and connective tissues to warrant repair.

Omega-3′s help to balance out this stress.

The liver and kidneys, also require a healthy supply of omega-3′s to do their job properly. They are the filters of the human body, sorting out the good molecules from the bad – and then expelling the bad stuff.

Omega-3 fatty acids have other health benefits
I’ve had joint problems most of my adult life, because of poor weight training ‘methods’ I followed when I was younger. My knees hurt. My shoulders ache. And my elbows feel like they’re on fire sometimes. Or, I should say that they used to.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve been experimenting with different types and brands of supplements. Some worked, some did not. But I’m happy to say that today, my knees don’t creek when I walk up stairs and I can now lift my arms above my head without wincing!

The organic treatment I use and recommend to anyone with joint problems is krill oil (combined with a glucosamine and chondroitin). One compliments the other regarding joint health, I believe.


But that is not why I started using krill oil.

Originally I needed something that was going to help reduce my high blood pressure, and improve my circulation. Krill oil has been life changing for me – I don’t have elephants feet any longer, I can sit without my legs being elevated for longer, without any pain or discomfort and I generally feel more healthy because of krill oil.

My joints saw great relief from using krill oil alone, but I decided to use glucosamine and chondroitin as a precaution, and I’m glad I did because my experiment worked a treat! Krill oil offers the highest quality of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

It does contain a small proportion of omega-6, and more importantly it contains astaxanthin, which is as pure antioxidant as you can get from nature. If you want to eradicate some toxins from your body – try krill oil, because it works.


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