How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

How To Increase Testosterone Levels?

Increase Testosterone Levels. Testosterone is a very sexy molecule. Why?

Because it determines and decides the male sex, of course! Increase Testosterone Levels The fact is that all fetuses are born with the same body form up to the sixth week of life: female. Once the male hormone, testosterone, is secreted by the testes about the sixth week of life, a special enzyme develops called the Mullerian Inhibiting Factor which then goes on to actively inhibit female ovary, uterus and womb production. By the eighth week of life, the fetus develops into the male gender under the influence of testosterone. From there, testosterone forms an integral part of the male body causing the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Ideally, a particular amount of testosterone is secreted everyday all through the life of a male to maintain and regulate the body.

Normal levels of testosterone

Normal levels of testosterone may vary but usually they range anywhere from 250ng/dl to 850 ng/dl. This level may vary in regions, age groups and ethnic groups. Body builders and athletes try to naturally boost their body levels of testosterone by working out and eating more protein.

This is because the major action of testosterone not only regulates body functioning but it also extra muscles. Body builders and athletes may use synthetic testosterone to boost their body definition too but this is illegal in professional body building.

However, an unnatural fall in testosterone levels below 250ng is also possible and this level is considered deficient. For such patients, it may be necessary to boost levels of body testosterone by providing testosterone hormones. Testosterone insufficiency in a male is a medical condition that occurs due to a range of reasons like testicular insufficiency, pituitary dysfunctions, acquired testicular diseases or cancers. However, as a man ages, testosterone levels do decrease naturally. This condition is called as andropause.

 How to increase testosterone levels?

If you feel that you have a lower level of testosterone, we suggest that you first start with a complete medical checkup. They will also be able to catch serious medical conditions like cancers and infections which might be the cause of the fall. If you have lower body levels, doctors will prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection or testosterone supplements or TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and provide a detailed list of lifestyles changes that will help your levels to improve. Other than that you can also carry out a few necessary changes which will boost body levels of testosterone like –

How to increase testosterone through workouts

Fatty tissue produces estrogen which is a female hormone. To make sure that your body produces more testosterone, you have to create a demand for it. Workout as much as possible with a full body workout by including running, walking and even weight training and resistance training which will burn fatty tissues and increase your muscle mass. Working means that the body as to burn fat to create energy to move the body. At the same time, the body has to build more muscles to deal with the increasing work load.

To build more muscles, the brain automatically increases the secretion of testosterone. However, there is a very good chance that novices will over train.

Over-training results in the formation of stressed muscles as well as mental stress. When the body is stressed, the adrenal glands of the body release cortisol which is the exact opposite to testosterone. Cortisol causes the breakdown of muscles, causes fat gain and sugar metabolism problems. As a result, we suggest you workout under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Not only do you lose weight, but you don’t over train and you gain valuable muscle and body definition under the guidance of an expert.

 Through diet

  •  Try to increase the amount of multivitamins that you take daily. For example, increased vitamin E and vitamin D can boost your body levels of testosterone and improve your overall health.
  • Studies have shown that dangerous food additives like dioxins can decrease the production of body testosterone. Switch over to a completely organic diet which is chemical free.
  • Up your levels of saturated and monounsaturated fats. Testosterone is made from fat and if you don’t eat enough; the body cannot make the daily required quantity.
  • Nuts are considered particularly in good fats which build testosterone.
  • Increase the supplements that you take. For example, most doctors recommend the use of folic acid, l-arginine, l-carnitine, resveratrol, grape seed extract, selenium and zinc which work together to stimulate testosterone production.
  • Increase your daily intake of cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts and cabbage which contain large amounts of indoles. These compounds bind with any estrogen which might be floating about your body and destroy it.
  • Cut out all soy from your diet. Soy contains a large amount of protein but it also contains a large amount of estrogen. Stay away from high amounts of tofu, soy milk, soy beans etc to regulate your body hormone levels.

increase testosterone naturally

Herbs: how to increase testosterone naturally

Increase Testosterone Levels. Although herbal medicine does work, please use them with caution and only after consulting with a trained and knowledgeable herbalist. Top herbs which are commonly used to boost body testosterone levels include the following-

  • One of the most popular herbs that are commonly used to boost testosterone levels includes the Tribulus terrestris. This crawling plant is very popular as a treatment for urinary tract infections. However, a study published in the January 2008 copy of “Phytomedicine” showed that the herb could improve and increase hormone production in men.
  • Chasteberry is also very popular for gynecological and reproductive disorders. It can cause allergic reactions and stomach upsets so please check with your physician before use.
  • Fenugreek is a simple but effective herb which is used as a galactogen in females. However, it also boosts natural testosterone levels in men.
  • Other popular herbs that are used include Korean ginseng, horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali etc which can boost body levels of testosterone.
How to increase testosterone in the future:  a little bad news?

A disturbing trend has emerged in recent years. According to researchers, testosterone levels have started to decrease in men of all ages and races. The exact reason for this is not known but it could be due to increasing obesity levels, exposure to hidden endocrine disruptors and chemical inhibitors. (Source :  Travison TG, Araujo AB, J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 92)

Unfortunately, since very little is known about the cause of this decrease, nothing can be done to treat this steadily decreasing level of testosterone in men.


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