Diet Industry Lies That Make You Overweight

Diet Make You Overweight

Diet Industry Lies That Make You Overweight

Diet Make You Overweight Trying to lose weight is a losing battle. You’ve been led to believe, by the Diet/Medical Industry, is that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. But even when people do both of those practices resolutely, a common thing happens to 95% of them. They start losing weight, and then the weight loss slows down significantly. In fact, a good percentage of those dieters will actually find themselves gaining weight while dieting.

There are lucky people who are naturally thin, who have inherited a body type, genetic predisposition and have no problem eating whatever they want and rarely gaining weight. Many of these same people have no problem telling “overweight” people, that they would look so much nicer if they just lost some weight. It’s as if they feel they have a right to make judgmental comments

Diet Make You Overweight about an overweight person because they assume:

they are gluttons

.they are lazy

 have no discipline

they are psychologically flawed because they can’t follow

simple rules to make them thin

they are unhealthy

they are ugly, and need a cosmetic change that means hard work on their part, and then it can be accomplished!
The sad thing is, if you are overweight you probably believe it as well. You think there’s something wrong with you, or your body. But the truth is, telling an overweight person that they should lose weight is almost the same as telling them they would be nicer if they would just grow 3 inches taller. You stand the same chance to grow taller and you do to maintain weight loss!

Diet Make You Overweight You are probably reading this and thinking:

this is just WRONG. Everyone knows, the only way to lose weight is to “eat less and exercise more”! But if you believe the common knowledge that dieting and exercise works, you too have been brainwashed by the Diet Industry. And that also includes doctors, who receive their information from this predetermined research. There is a huge conflict of interest inherent in this group that wants you to diet because that’s how they make $60 BILLION dollars a year; every year increasing their bottom line, while increasing YOUR bottom. Every diet failure means that you will mistakenly blame yourself, and desperately try another diet and pay them again!

The Diet Industry consisting of owners of weight loss companies that fund research and researchers who look for results that “prove” that being overweight is unhealthy and can be “cured”. In fact, overweight is not unhealthy, and there is no proven method to permanently lose weight.

Dieting in fact causes yo-yo weight gain!

Diet Make You Overweight Diet Gurus will tell you that your Yo-Yo weight gain is because you didn’t do a “lifestyle change” which is another way of saying that you need to be on a diet for the rest of your life! But the truth is yo-yo regaining of weight is a normal, healthy response from your body doing its utmost to preserve life, and keep you from starving to death.

In truth, most people are not dieting because of fear about their health. Women, in particular, are more concerned about the cosmetic aspect of being overweight. We live in a time when it is fashionable to be very thin. There is a preponderance of prejudice against overweight people in society. They are the brunt of hurtful jokes. They receive fewer job opportunities, and end up being in the lower range of the socio-economic ladder because of their excess weight. It causes emotional stress to be overweight.

The cure for overweight is education and rebuilding your self-esteem.

Learn why dieting is sabotaging your health and increasing your weight. Then start practicing radical self-acceptance, self-nurturing and stress relief. It’s stressful and useless to hate yourself and torture your body with diet and exercise, especially when it doesn’t work!