Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips

Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips

I’m here to share with you some of my biggest female bodybuilder tips. These should help you transform from a mediocre bodybuilder to the best bodybuilder you can be, by taking advantage of all those little things your body has to offer to maximize muscle growth.

Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips. How often should I be eating?

Well, you’re going to have to drop the typical diet plan followed by society: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’re trying to build muscle tissue, and this is a process that takes all day and all night long. It is constantly happening and requires you to keep a continuous flow of nutrients coming into do these repairs.

I recommend that you start eating every 2-3hrs. This is completely doable, so try to keep your mind quiet if it is resisting. Typically the benefits from protein that enter your system, only last 2-4hrs, depending on what type of protein it is. That means you got be eating at least to that time frame. I recommend 2-3hrs because when you go to get a meal at the 3hr market, it typically takes time to prepare it.

Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips

What are the most important exercises?

It’s hard to tell you what is a good exercise overall. Usually they all their place and changing up your routine has an affect. The most important exercises over all are compound exercises. These are the ones that work multiple muscle groups all at once. The most common are dead-lifts, squats, bench press, bent over rows, etc.

There are a lot of them out there. You should typically structure your workouts to do the most compound exercises first and go down on the compound scale. The idea is to put most of your energy into the most productive exercises instead of wasting them on the unproductive.

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Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips. Free Female Bodybuilders Information

I’m going to share with you some free female bodybuilders information. There is a lot to learn in this sport, but there is one important point I feel is necessary to get across; are you determined? This isn’t exactly rocket science. There are a lot of little things, but it isn’t that complicated.

You have to be determined to do this for the long term. This is an everyday thing that requires you to apply it everyday for months on end. This hard part for most people because there is no instant gratifications or easy successes.

long term thing and if you’re up to this sort of challenge than you should definitely follow my advice.

Eat Every 2-3hrs

Biggest Female Bodybuilder Tips. It’s important to have smaller meals more often. You’ll notice I said “meals”. This means they have to simulate a typical larger meal. That means you have to have a portion of protein, carbs and fat in each. Most of the snack foods are carbs, and that isn’t good enough. It needs to be like you’re having a regular meal, it’s just smaller in portions. The reason we do this is because it gives our muscles a consistent flow of nutrients throughout the day for building muscle.


Sleep is probably one of the most neglected parts of training, even though it is the easiest one. You’re going to need around 8-9hrs a night to allow your body to fully repair itself while you sleep. Most people cut it short at around 5-6hrs, which just isn’t enough time. Force yourself to sleep the full time and if you can’t sleep that long, you’re not training hard enough. Comment below…