Best weight loss food for Diabetes

Best weight loss food for Diabetes

weight loss food for Diabetes What food is good for a diabetic to lose weight?

weight loss food for Diabetes . Diabetes today is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Children and teens are also getting affected by this disease and if one has diabetes, his chances of having a heart attack is more than double.

food For diabetics, weight loss becomes difficult as the body becomes resistant to the diet plans and this happens as the body’s glucose and lipid balancing mechanisms get disrupted.

Fat storage and weight gain is caused by the carbohydrates and the resulting high level of triglycerides.

Thus in the prevention and treatment for diabetes, it is important to limit the intake of carbohydrates. Depending on individual metabolism, even fruits and vegetables in large quantities can cause blood sugar problems. Including a fat source in meals is important as it regulates the release of sugar into the blood.

weight loss food for Diabetes. How should a diabetic person lose weight?

Proteins like that from chicken, turkey, nuts and seeds do not have that much effect on the blood glucose and triglyceride levels.

It makes it easier to monitor total calorie intake and achieve slow and healthy weight loss by removing junk carbohydrate from the diet.

Testing the blood sugar at one or two hours intervals after meals is the ideal way to know the carbohydrate sensitivity and research shows that the risk of diabetic complications are best known by the blood sugar levels after meals.

the Those wanting to avoid diabetes should also monitor their blood glucose levels after meals and it is a fact that many are not aware that they are pre diabetic or already have diabetes if they don’t test for this disease.

the Blood sugar readings which are higher than 140 mg/dl after one hour of meal or higher than 120 mg/dl after two hours of meal indicate metabolic dysfunction, which means that cells have excess sugar.

Best weight loss food for Diabetes

Which diet is best for diabetics?

weight loss food for Diabetes. This condition is known as Syndrome X and in this condition; risk of heart disease, heart attack and kidney disease is considerably higher. The triglyceride levels are also increased leading to weight gain as the body stores the excess sugar as fat. Proper metabolic function, improved health and weight reduction are achieved by maintaining blood sugar levels at optimum levels.

There are many  best weight loss diets prescribed today and the best diet for weight loss often uses zero calorie sugar free sweetener like Stevia sugar. the Along with diet and monitoring of blood sugar level,

regular exercises are also required as by physical activity, muscles properly utilize blood sugar for energy.

Exercise makes the body metabolically efficient and sugar and triglycerides are ushered out of the body quickly.

Thus monitoring of blood sugar levels, proper diet and regular exercise are three most vital aspects for preventing or treating diabetes.