The Weight Gain Diet Plan

Weight Gain Diet Plan

Weight Gain Diet Plan For Gaining Weight

Just like weight loss, Weight Gain Diet Plan. weight gain is no easy task. I know this because I used to be a skinny 120 and I have lots of friends who have a type of genetic that we call “skinny body type” and its extremely difficult for them to gain just a couple of pounds. One of the main problems they have is that their metabolism is extremely fast. Another problem is that most “hard gainers” don’t eat enough calories above maintenance to pack on pounds.

The key secret to weight gain is to do everything big. By that I mean you have to eat BIG and lift BIG. But this does not mean you need to go out and eat all the junk food and greasy food you want. Why? Because usually junk food contains lots of unhealthy fats, which can do lots of harm to your health. You need to increase your calorie intake, but with healthy foods. In order to do that, you need to follow a healthy muscle building diet plan.

Weight Gain Diet Plan. High Calorie Foods

When you start your high calorie diet make sure you get good fats like salmon, tuna, omega-3, walnuts, etc. Also, you need good sources of protein, which are lean chicken, nuts poultry and fish. Weight Gain Diet Plan. Always try to consume healthy carbohydrates sources that include grains and vegetables.

Weight Gain Diet Plan
Meal Frequency

Its best if you eat 6 small meals threw out the day, then 3 large ones. Especially if you are not use to eating much. There are lots of supplements that could help you consume more calories in a day like protein powders or weight gainers, the difference with weight gainer supplements is they also contain carbs for the extra calories and sometimes other supplements like glutamine and creatine.

They are great and tend to be rather cheap. And best of all, they taste pretty dam good. You can mix the protein powders with milk or water, but i would recommend milk, because with water it doesn’t taste as good, plus when you do it with milk you add extra calories.

Hypertrophy and Muscle Growth

And don’t forget to do some type of resistance training like lifting weights to achieve muscular hypertrophy. This will help you increase muscle mass, which is very important for a healthy body and stimulating new muscle growth. Not to mention that muscle does weigh more the fat, so this means you could gain weight much faster by hitting the weights.