The Clock And The Mirror

Clock And The Mirror

These two are the most deceptive devices we know.

Our mirrors show us the reflection of the reflection. The clock is ticking away a time-line that does not exist. Clock And The Mirror. When Genesis speaks of 6 days, it relates to us the importance of ranking, or priorities, not of ‘time’ (one time in appearance, vs. many times of appearances). Else, there is only ‘THIS DAY’, consistent of moments, or snap shots, whether we see it as an eternity, a year, an hour, or thousands of years.

During every millisecond, what exists in the visible image of the world flickers in and out, just like a pulse, and is willing to arrange itself all renewed, or replenished around a focused thought, at any given moment. This image of the physical world includes the image we have of ourselves.

When we read everywhere around us that we are FAT, because we eat the ‘WRONG’ foods, it is NOT TRUE.

In movies, we have seen ghosts appear as a transparent, more silhouette-like shiny substance. When the ghosts, or Spirits in these moving images eat, or drink, it goes right through them and does NOT AFFECT the spiritual substance at all. It ends on the ground, and does not stick with the shiny substance.

Clock And The Mirror This is reality

Clock And The Mirror. Nothing(!) we drink, eat, or smoke affects our spiritual substance (Isaiah 54:17). Our Father made us from the DUST of the earth. Where in that dust are ‘fat’, ‘lean’, ‘vitamins’, or ‘enzymes’?

God is IMMEASURABLE, and CANNOT be dissected into His parts. He is more than we will ever be able to fully comprehend, and the sum of His parts is ever greater than what our scientists are trying to tell us.

When we like to drink a lot of wine, we ‘PRAY FOR A STRONG LIVER’! That is the spirit of Purim, the feast where they dress up in costumes, and empty larger wine bottles.

Do no longer be mislead! Your shape is untouchable by any physical, or worldly influence. You are the individuated mind that can RE-SHAPE yourself in any way you wish, for causation power is exclusive to God’s mind, the mind YOU command. This replenishing includes your ‘AGE’ as well as your ‘HEALTH’.

Clock And The Mirror

Begin from within by telling yourself

that ‘you are gorgeous, wonderful, amazing and attractive’ at any moment you look into your mirrors. Clock And The Mirror. If you don’t have the strength just yet, simply remove all the mirrors, or go often to the OUTDOORS, where it’s easier to go within.

Cut out pictures of playgirls (-boys), or models, or famous good-looking actors, like whom you want to be shaped. Then thank God for making it so and behave as if you were like it.

During the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, the most faithful follower of Christ the world has ever seen, there was a young woman who had a goiter on her neck (a large growth that cannot be overlooked).

When she was present at one of Wigglesworth’s sermons, she asked for a healing, which he usually performed vicariously, from the pulpit, and very shortly.

The woman shouted out loud: “I am healed, thank you Jesus! I know I am healed as of this moment!”

Every one present still saw the goiter clearly, but was happy for her anyhow.

Her closest family members were extremely embarrassed, and considered putting her out of sight for a while, when one beautiful morning. as she descended from her upstairs bed room to join them for a meal, her goiter had become invisible.

How long did she have to keep the faith until her bothersome condition dis-appeared? 3 years.

Now, you know THAT it is possible. And it applies to all parts of our image, gray hair, fat rolls, spots, scars, knots, as much as new shapes of buttocks, hips, and legs, even the new morphological looks of so-called inherited faces, including profiles.

How do I know this? Because I have been inspired with the understanding of it, from within.

The generation #42, according to Matthew (count down yourself in the first book and find that Jesus is #41) is called the ‘last’ generation. Why ‘last’ generation?  When we realize that we can re-shape everything about ourselves, and be eternally young, the ‘GENERATION’ of new beings has been concluded. We no longer need to see a better ‘tomorrow’ through our children. Clock And The Mirror. We can form the better ‘tomorrow’ right this moment, and for ourselves.

You can do it all on your own. Just believe, or BE the newly shaped 27-year-old person, and leave the rest to Him, the one who made us to be His legitimate children and to manage all His power, so He can ‘retire’ in paternal pride over us.

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