How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat: Healthy Eating

How to lose belly fat is an issue that pops up quite often in the minds of obese or overweight people who have accumulated fat in their stomach area. Belly fat, otherwise known as visceral fat or stomach fat, collects around the abdominal area and is very dangerous. Many life threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol are all associated with excessive belly fat. The following are a few tips on how to lose belly fat.

1. Eat several small meals

By eating several smaller meals instead of two or three big ones, you can get rid of belly fat easily. The traditional way of eating three large meals a day can lead to overeating and excessive storage of fat in the abdominal region. Eating 5-6 small meals a day on the other hand can curb tummy fat by preventing you from overeating. This mode of eating can also improve the body’s metabolism, which in turn can help it to digest food easily. While following this pattern of eating, it is recommended to start the day with the biggest meal and end the day with the lightest meal.

2. Increase your intake of fluids

The problem of how to lose belly fat can also be addressed by drinking plenty of water everyday. Your body functions most optimally when it is sufficiently hydrated. An insufficient intake of water can cause the body to work excessively in order to retain the water reserves of the body. Dehydration can particularly affect the functioning of the liver, which is the main organ for producing energy. This in turn can affect the fat burning process. By avoiding the intake of beverages such as soft drinks, canned fruit juices, soft drinks and other beverages with high sugar content, you can keep tummy fat at bay.

3. Consume fat burning foods

How to lose belly fat tips and remedies are available in plenty online. By increasing the intake of protein rich foods and reducing the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, you can easily control fat storage in the belly area. You can opt for foods such as lean meats, eggs, whole grains, vegetables and fruits to decrease your belly fat. These foods can help in the burning of fat by increasing the level of thyroid Hormone (T3) in the body. It is also recommended to stay away from white flour, sugar and other refined foods. As far as fats are concerned, you should choose healthy ones, namely nuts, seeds, fish and olive oil, etc. The previously mentioned fats contain essential fatty acids and can go a long way in helping you to burn belly fat.

4. Exercise regularly

Abdominal muscles can become firmer through weight lifting exercises. Those who are interested in how to lose belly fat methods can try lat pull-downs, chest presses, free weight squats, dumbbell rows and other weightlifting exercises for the abdominal area to lose their tummy fat.

Obese individuals should also try to burn more calories if they are keen to lose their belly fat. Great activities for burning fat include jogging, running, swimming, brisk walking, dancing, playing tennis and cycling. Cardiovascular exercises and aerobic exercises can also help in curbing fat by providing more oxygen supply to the body.

This will go a long way in preventing the accumulation of fat in the belly region. You should also take steps to reduce your stress levels, as this can be a key factor leading to excessive fat accumulation around the belly.

Specific exercises to lose belly fat

Specific exercises that can help you with your how to lose belly fat efforts include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio vascular exercises and abdominal exercises that can raise your body’s metabolism and help you burn your belly fat. As mentioned above, dancing, swimming, playing sports, biking, etc. are some of the best cardio exercises that can be performed by a person to flaunt a flat belly. You can burn more calories within a short span of time through HIIT intensity exercise, which involves varying the intensity of the exercise every few minutes. You can combine abdominal exercises such as leg lifts and crunches with HIIT and cardio exercises if you wish to lose your belly fat quickly. Some specific exercises to lose belly fat are:

Lower Abs Exercise

Exercises to lose belly fat are many and each person may need specific exercises to improve their abdominal area. Consult your fitness instructor before starting on a specific exercise program. One good exercise for the belly is to lie on the back with your hands on the ground or behind your head. After bending your knees, you should bring them back toward your chest while raising your buttocks. Hold the position for a count of five and then gradually lower your legs to the initial position. This procedure should be repeated at least 30 times. While performing this exercise, you should inhale and exhale continuously. You can do at least 3-4 sets of this exercise with a short break between each set.

Lose Belly Fat Bicycle Exercise

The Bicycle Exercise

Exercises to lose belly fat also include the bicycle exercise. This exercise benefits all areas of the abdomen simultaneously. To perform this exercise, lie on the ground with your hands behind your head. While bending your knees and bringing them into contact with your chest, you should simultaneously raise your shoulder blades off the ground. Turn your upper body to the right while stretching your left leg out at an angle of 45 degrees then bring your left elbow towards the right knee; finally, alternate and bring your right elbow towards your left knee.

These exercises coupled with a healthy diet plan can help you to lose your belly fat easily and quickly.

Natural and safe Ways to Losing Tummy Fat

How to lose belly fat tips online indicate that you should have a clear-cut goal and work towards it with dedication if you really wish to lose your belly fat quickly. You should set a realistic goal regarding the pounds of weight to lose and the period to lose the same. You can try to lose from 500 to 1000 calories per day. Other safe and natural ways to lose belly fat are outlined below:

1. Be motivated

Lack of motivation is the main reason why people fail to lose weight. Motivation is the key to a successful weight loss plan. You should have a clear-cut goal and work your way towards achieving your weight loss goals. You can ask yourself why you wish to have a flat tummy? Is it because you want to look good, be healthier or wish to sport the latest bikini. The reason should constantly motivate you to go ahead and complete your weight loss program without making you give up in between.

2. Never skip meals

By starving yourself, you will never be able to flaunt a flat belly. Starvation can only wreak damage by hampering your body’s metabolism. This can lead to overeating in the future and result in weight gain. Skipping meals or starvation can be detrimental in your weight loss efforts, so it is better not to attempt such acts.

3. Keep a Journal

Maintaining a journal can also aid your weight loss efforts. Famous celebrities like Heidi Klum have vouched by the effectiveness of this method as a tool for weight loss. According to Heidi, keeping a journal can make a person feel motivated by helping them track their progress continuously.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

People have to stick to a healthy lifestyle if they wish to retain a healthy body free of excess fat. By continuing to eat a balanced diet and performing regular exercises, they can maintain their healthy physique for a longer period of time.

Surgical ways to lose belly fat

Lose belly fat methods also include surgical methods such as tummy tucks and liposuction. Doctors perform such procedures only on people who do not face any serious health problems. In the liposuction procedure, the surgeon gets the excessive fat below the abdomen suctioned out using an aspirator and a hollow tube. An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a more complicated procedure that involves the making of an incision horizontally across the stomach.

Hormone Replacement Therapy to remove belly fat

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) involves the administration of medication to boost hormone levels artificially. This method aims at replacing primary hormones such as progestin, estrogen and progesterone in the body. Minute doses of synthetic hormones are delivered through topical creams and gels, patches, vaginal rings, injections and tablets through HRT. According to research, Hormone Replacement Therapy prevents pos menopausal women from accumulating excessive abdominal fat.

Abdominal fat accumulation can occur either due to hormonal changes or hereditary reasons. It can occur in women after the menopausal stage as part of their natural aging process. Whatever the reason, fat accumulation in the belly area is unhealthy and can increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Fortunately, there are several simple and easy how to lose belly fat methods that are time tested and proven to solve this problem. By making the necessary lifestyle changes and following a strict exercise regimen and diet, you can lose belly fat quickly without having to resort to surgical methods such as tummy tucking or bariatric weight loss surgery.

 Lose Belly Fat. Weight loss lies

Weight loss lies

Different diets are governed by different rules. However, the fact is that a vast majority of these diet rules can trigger unhealthy eating habits and affect your health in the long term. You must be determined to follow your diet plan to derive the best results. Say goodbye to fad diets. You can lose tummy fat and keep off the pounds by learning to manipulate your fat burning hormones. There is a correlation between the fat percentage in the body and the extent of belly fat. Losing body fat can help you to lose some inches from your tummy area and can help you to flaunt a flat stomach easily.

There is no quick way to lose belly fat. Therefore, if you are looking for how to lose belly fat fast methods, do not fall prey to the weight loss scams online. Many companies promise that their quick fix weight loss products can solve any weight related issue. However, these products do not meet the expectations in reality. Hence, before trying out any new weight loss product such as products for losing belly fat, it pays to get a second opinion.

Best methods to lose belly fat will incorporate an effective weight loss system that stresses on both nutrition and exercise. It is better to concentrate on these two aspects of weight loss rather than replying upon products such as meal replacement shakes, diet supplements and other types of fat burners that flood the market.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Out of the several personality traits, over-weight especially belly fat is one of the major obstacles in the way of looking smart.

There are several effective ways to lose weight but one should remember that it is easy to gain weight but it takes some time to lose it. The most important thing is to spare some time out of our busy schedules. The best way how to lose belly fat is to eat healthy food and do proper exercises. Consistency and motivation are the perfect ingredients a person needs to lose weight.
A rich, healthy meal to lose belly fat:
health meal to lose belly fatIf you want to lose belly fat successfully, it is important to stop eating too frequently. The intake of food should be such that it keeps your stomach filled for a long period of time. Evasion of high-calorie food and eating low-calorie but healthy food brings considerable decline in weight. Eat fiber rich food like lentils, apple, peas, cereals, and nuts etc. These foods will keep your digestive system strong and will also repress your hunger.

Surprisingly, the doctor’s advice of drinking plenty of water is the perfect remedy to lose belly fat. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day as it tends to remove toxins from the body, assisting you to lose weight fast.

Another best way to lose belly fat is to control your meals by using smaller cups, bowls and plates. It is not necessary to finish all the food in your plate so stop eating as you feel your stomach is full. Moreover, follow the one plate rule which means no second serves.

Exercises to lose belly fat:

Exercises to lose belly fatExercise is no doubt the best way to lose belly fat. If you specifically want to lose belly fat then do particular exercises that target the belly. As soon as you concentrate more on your belly, you will find remarkable changes in it.

Aerobic activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming for 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week is essential to lose belly fat. Effects of aerobics can be seen not only on belly but on the whole body. Other effective exercises to lose belly fat include cardiovascular and weight training exercises. They build your muscles and burn a lot more calories than aerobics. This will also increase your metabolism rate. Always keep your stomach tight while doing exercises. It is also a good idea to join some sort of fitness club or slimming center.

Eating healthy diet to lose belly fat and doing regular exercises to lose belly fat are the most effective solutions to weight loss problems. Remember if you lose weight quickly, your body tends to gain it back. In order to maintain your weight you need to have regular workout sessions and eat a well balanced diet.


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